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No thoughtful quote to go with my pictures this week. Instead, I have a query I’m hoping my fellow bloggers and sex toy aficionados can help me with. My favorite toy, the Metal Worx Curve by Pipedream, is bruised. Tarnished actually. I am wondering if there is any way to fix this and if I will have any issue with using it.


In the picture above you can see a tarnished area at the base of the ball. There is an area just like this on the other side as well but there are no other visual markings.

This picture shows a spot on the ball part that seems to be tarnished as well but instead of being darker with “bruise” coloring, it is lighter with a darker outline. On this area I can see a little mark, a scratch. I always take care in cleaning and drying it and store it in a soft pouch so that it doesn’t get damaged. I don’t know if the scratch has always been there or if it happened since I’ve had it. I never noticed it until the spot appeared around it.

Seeing how this was an expensive toy, and it works very, very well I might add, I would hate if I couldn’t use it. I’ve thought about putting a condom on it but not sure if that would just cause more tarnish. Condoms also tend to cause an adverse reaction to me so would prefer not to have to use one with the toy. Any info or suggestions?


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  1. Hmmm I don’t have one of those so I am not 100% sure. I do think that metal shouldn’t show signs of aging like this and so I would be cautious about using it…. I wonder if you can return it, do they come with her guarantee? Even if it doesn’t I would certainly complain to the manufacturer


  2. I would definitely advise against using this dildo while it’s tarnished like this. Although I don’t know any adverse reaction you may get from not using a smooth surface, it’s safest not to. I’m by no means an expert on sex toy materials but even small snags on materials can lead to 1) toxicities which had been covered by a coating being exposed to your sensitive areas or 2) cuts and tears to your skin.
    I have contacts at Pipedream and I will get in touch with them for you. Most sex toys over a certain price amount have a warranty – have you bought this in the past year? I am not certain of their warranty details but I will find out. They are also exhibiting at ETO in a couple of weeks (so am I) so with your permission I can print off this blog post and shove it in their face demanding an answer!!
    This definitely should NOT happen, it isn’t normal and hasn’t happened in the past 6 years of owning the njoy Pure Wand.
    -Cara x

  3. Some time ago I bought a set of 2 gold coated metal Ben Wa loveballs, also from Pipedream. After using them for a 2nd time I noticed, while cleaning them, at some places the gold coating had tarnished, albeit almost unnoticeable. Yet I can feel a distinct difference between the spots and the untouched areas when I go over them with my thumb.
    I simple threw them away, I do not take any changes on Princess’ health or well-being.

  4. I do not have any Pipedream products, but of course I will look on all of my steel toys to see if I have any ‘bad spots’ on them. My gut feeling goes with Cara Sutra’s professional advise – don’t use this anymore.

    Rebel xox

  5. I am curious as to whether silver cleaner would clear it up, but I would echo those above… that’s not normal for a steel toy to do that!

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. I wouldn’t be comfortable using tarnished toys and would definitely get in touch with the manufacturer.

  7. I’m sorry this has happened. I’ve heard people mention that the Metal Worx line has issues like this. If I remember correctly, it isn’t stainless steel. It’s just finished steel, which means it will tarnish and tarnished steel is not safe to insert. Sadly, I don’t think you can fix it. My suggestion would be to only purchase Njoy from now on. Their Fun Wand is the same shape, slightly smaller, and Pink Cherry has it for $68.00 and they have code BEAUTY for 25% off right now.

  8. I can’t really see tarnish, but that’s because of all the reflections in it. Can you perhaps upload a larger photo?

    Last year I purposely scratched the surface of my Njoy Pure Wand (in the middle of the handle) and then a Pipedream Metalworx ripoff design of the Fun Wand. On the PD one you could very quickly see what was either copper or brass under the exterior silver color. Njoy you couldn’t see anything at all like this.

    Pipedream has insisted on the Edenfantasys forums that they use medical grade stainless steel, but that it’s a less expensive grade than Njoy (who uses 316), yet citing trade secret basically they wouldn’t reveal which exact grade. Others have expressed cynicism at it actually being medical grade stainless. Or stainless at all.

  9. I don’t know about metal toys but that would definitely be concerning to me. What a bummer for a favored toy!

  10. I’m with Beck, I would recommend getting something from Njoy next instead since it’s stainless steel. Sorry about your toy; that’s a bummer!

  11. I agree with all the above do not use and see what Cara can find out for you. I would hope that with her influence that you will get some sort of a refund.

    I would alway go with stainless steel!

    ~Mia~ xx

  12. What a beautiful toy sorry to hear that it is tarnished though. I hope you are able to fix it.

  13. With the exception of Jill’s PurePlug, we’ve never used metal toys, I don’t think, and thus don’t have any experience with such an occurrence. We hope you’re able to get restitution!

  14. That’s not so good.

    Hope Cara can get an answer for you. 😉

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