How do you like your glass toys?


Some like it hot…


… others as cold as ice


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15 thoughts on “Glass

  1. i like it as art!!

    all the pics are fun but that top one is really well placed!
    love the transition and lighting
    the inverted tree inside the tip is wonderful!

  2. I prefer my toys both hot and cold. They make for the most interesting play.

    The first image of the glass toy is my favorite. It is definitely well placed with the snow in the background.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  3. Oh I prefer mine room temperature, but one day I might be brave enough to try them cold 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Renee definitely prefers her glass toys very warm, but that first pic is especially lovely.

  5. silverdomuk

    I love that first shot especially.

  6. I prefer mine cold as ice. Pretty dildo.

  7. I like mine cold… and as beautiful as possible


  8. Mia

    Just starting out with glass (see my sinful sunday post!) but looking forward to finding out!!!

    Love the first pic with the tree!!! Fabulous!

    ~Mia~ xx

  9. LOVE glass! I must chime in with my fav the top one- well done!

  10. I must admit I have never seen a tree trunk like the one outside your window before. Is that a new type of dildo tree?? How long does it take for the dildos to mature and fall off?

  11. Princess prefers it cold and the glass dildo is a Xmas 2013 present she likes very very much!

  12. The top image is my favourite of the 3, but to answer the question, cold would be my preference 😀

    Flip x

  13. Very clever Stella !!! Have to agree with Marie re temperature . . . but love the pictures!!!

  14. I love that first image with the tree in the background! So pretty.

  15. I like ’em both ways… and I definitely like to take pretty pics with them in the light 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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