FFF – Before and After

Word Limit = 250
Required Phrase = “Before” or  “After
Forbidden Words = Abandoned, Empty, mp3 player, and rope
Bonus Words = You can go up to 300 total if you tell us both how she got there and what happened after she was found.

oin in the fun and write a piece of your own, or read all this week’s entries here.


Before she was found
alone and bound
she was at a party
for her a rarity
she drank the kool-aid
those silly boys made
drinks and games,
she became their party favor
all the boys and men,
each had their own way with her

After they were done
she was left naked and alone
no arms held her
no caresses soothed her
thrown aside
she just wanted to hide
young Fong took pity
I’ll help you, said he
suddenly feeling repentant
over his shoulder she went

Now nearly home
he became undone
what kind of man
does such things to a woman?
his father would be upset
more than his hand he would surely get
so he dropped her
on the road she landed
and he left her there
alone and stranded

6 thoughts on “FFF – Before and After

  1. Prose or Poetry, you capture the picture in a unique way. “he became undone” is such a great phrase, for haven’t we all reached that point at some time in our life?

    Excellent work my friend

  2. Wonderful poetry that really goes very well with the photograph. Excellent work indeed!

  3. I adore the cadence of this… read it several times to let it wash over me. A very special take on a tough photo! Great FFFing with you.

  4. I like it.

  5. Wow. Never thought to write it like a poem. You have definitely upped the challenge. Very nice.

  6. Yes…like Rachel…I hadn’t thought of poetry. Nice option.

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