I was outside on Friday evening enjoying the beautiful weather while my child played with his trucks in the dirt. The clouds were going by quite quickly and changing form as they went.


I took many pictures of the clouds because, well, cloud porn rocks! This one reminded me of lovers entwined or a swallow swooping by, and also the silhouette of my first tattoo.


I got her when I was 30 years old and going through a rough time with my ex. I seldom get to see her, but I know she is always there. I love the way the light played through my shirt and made everything this beautiful shade of pink.

Note: As per my usual, both pictures were taken with my cell phone. The clouds have been filtered, but the tattoo picture is completely untouched.

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10 thoughts on “Angels

  1. dizzygirl812

    Cute little angel.

  2. SilverHubby is particularly impressed. 😉

  3. Your tattoo is very interesting, and I love the fact that there’s meaning behind it! I’m also all about cloud porn, quite crazy about it actually! 😉

  4. I assume it is on your back… like my M, I don’t get to see it often but I know it is there and I adore it. I love the pink tones in the second shot too.


  5. Looks lovely.

    Smart phone cameras are getting quite good now. I use mine loads, despite having a handheld, bridge and two DSLRs!

    • They just make it so damn convenient!

  6. I love the special meaning of the tattoo and also love that you did not edit the photo 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. When I had my big pro camera *mainly because I have not moved up to a smart phone yet* Clouds were my thing. I love watching them and finding images in them. I love your tattoo..

  8. Nice catch on the cloud pic! and I love that angel tat 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. Lovely tattoo & cloud porn! 🙂

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