C is for CLAMPS

I received quite a few questions about the clamps I wore on a recent post so I thought I would elaborate a bit with a little photo essay…


This is an assortment of clamps that I have. Mainly various nipple clamps, but the pegs are useful for other things as well. You can clamp your nipples, tits, clit, labia, penis, balls. These are just the parts of your body with “sexual” connotations. Reality is you can clamp any part o your body you like.

I will start by saying those pretty magnetic ones with the jewelled clamp ends was a complete waste of money (they cost more than double all the other clamps combined!). They look pretty but they don’t work at all, at least not for me and I would guess not for anyone with larger nipples or who like to wear them for longer than five seconds. They also aren’t designed to be able to use them on another part of the body. Learn from my mistakes, don’t bother with them.

028 (2)

These rubber band type clamps are great for wearing during the day under your clothes. They also work well when you want to show off your nipples or make them appear larger. You can purchase a kit that comes with the suction device and several different sized bands. Once you find the size band you like, run to your local hardware store and by a package of o-rings in your preferred size. Much cheaper than buying the kit again when you are inevitably left with only one original of your size.

20121028-233356.jpg014 (2)

Next we have the basic style chain nipple clamps. There are also ones called alligator clamps that are very similar but the clamp part is more ragged and looks like an alligator’s mouth (hence the name). These are ok and many people love them, but they don’t work well for any amount of time on me. They tend to move so that my nipple is in the wider area of the clamp and not receiving enough pressure, or the tips of the clamp are on my nipple and they slip up to the tips of the nipple and fall off.


This is my favorite by far. $5.97 for a 20 pack at Walmart. Non-marking/non-slip clothes pegs. Not the old fashioned kind (I show the wooden and plastic versions in the first picture at the beginning of this post), these are so much better. I found that the original style pegs tended to twist and not stay on very well. Depending on what you wanted to clamp, they also didn’t hold well due to the curved ends and how far back the clamp part actually is. With these new ones there is no twisting and the clamp is almost right at the tip of the peg. They are also rubber coated so no scratching or slipping.


IMG_2277 (1024x768)

What is your favorite style of clamp? I am open to recommendations.

Click the link below to see who else is being wicked this Wednesday…20121205-004144.jpg

16 thoughts on “C is for CLAMPS

  1. Ooh! *squirm* No clit clamps for me, please!

  2. We have some of the butterfly clamps that he likes to use but they are very OW! I am a big fan of my mipple charms. They are not exactly clamps but you do know you are wearing them and they for me the constantly apply just enough pressure to remind me they are there and he put them there


    • I know how painful those can be with the spikes. I’d be afraid of them piercing the skin. I like the pressure pain that builds with the pegs.

  3. We have a variety of clamps too. Like Molly said, the butterfly clamps are really OUCH! But we have others too and Master T tends to use it either on my nipples or on my labia. I have also used the old-fashioned clothing pegs but the plastic ones do look very nice! I was planning on buying the magnetic ones, but I will put that out of my head now! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • If I had been able to try them before buying I would definitely not have paid the stupid amount of money I did for them. Love the companies other steel products though.

  4. brrr. I really don’t like clamps on my clit. And putting clamps on my nipples sometimes makes me dizzy, even if the pain is manageable… I love the pictures 🙂

  5. The worst toy we’ve ever had (and I put them on the Toy With Me Tuesday post this week) is our vibrating nipple clamps; they don’t stay on and their whole raison d’etre didn’t work (you can’t feel the vibrations)

    Love the pictures!

    • I’ve seen those but never tried. Funny, I assumed they wouldn’t work. Thanks for the confirmation of that thought.

  6. I LOVE clamps. They are one of my favourite things in our toy box. I like clovers the best but we also have some pretty heavy duty Mawas that look like bulldog stationary clips and those are pretty good, too. I’m not that keen on having clamps applied to my lower half but can tolerate it if I’m ‘distracted’ with other things. 🙂 Nipple clamping is definitely a hot button for me, though.

    • Such a hot button for me as well. Will have to give the clover clamps and Mawas a try.

  7. Okaaaayyyy. Clamps, not for me, particularly the one on your clit *curls toes and winces*. HOWEVER, you seem to be having a blast…which is (to my mind) what it is all about. Watching people have fun, even if it is not something that I would do, always brings a smile to my face.

    Rachel x

  8. I have a few I like to use. My two favorite are the wooden cloths pins and a set of rubber clamps that have a little vibrators built in. I will take a try with the plastic ones though, thanks for the tip

  9. Thanks for the tour! I have wooden (brutal!) and plastic clothespegs and a few brightly coloured clips that one might use for notes on the fridge that are similar to your Walmart wonders. I’ve not tried clit clamping (but I have the piercing right there too)… tit, nip, and labia clamping do it for me 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  10. Yum, clamps! Great post and hot images.

  11. I love pegs, EVERYWHERE.. clit, labia, nipples, breasts, between toes, fingers, ears.. anywhere the pressure can build & the rush of having them taken off anyway the placer sees fit. The clamp lesson 101 was brilliant! Oh..and, epic boobage m’lady..

    Pea ~x~

  12. Vile


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