She Sucks

To be honest, I don’t know why I even let her do it. She is really rather horrible. Not her personally, Katie is great. Everything else… is great.

She is beautiful, fun, smart, and sexy as all get out. She makes me laugh like I never have before, full belly laughs and giggles. Giggles, from me, and often at the oddest of times. She has a way of looking at the world that also makes me see it in a new way when I am with her. She even likes football, the Cowboys unfortunately, but still.

My favorite time is when we spend Sundays together, just the two of us. We stay in bed all morning enjoying each other and taking time for a long slow fuck, or three, before finally getting up to face the world. Most weeks we go for brunch at a little diner around the corner, though some days she will make us her special stuffed french toast with pecans and warm maple syrup. Sundays sure beat the weekdays when we both have to be up and out of the house well before 7:oo. There is no time for taking it slow on those days. Often times we can’t even manage to grab a bite of breakfast let alone squeeze in a little quickie.

Katie is pretty fucking fantastic. She just can not suck cock.

All the coaching and practice had made no difference. Not the slightest bit of improvement. I even sent her and her friend Roxanne to one of those classes at the local adult store, Cocksucking 101. I had been sure it would help. I was wrong. I just can’t understand why she is not getting any better at it. What is the problem?tongue-sexy-ice-cream-dripping-cock-sucking-erotic-art

She is enthusiastic, going all out, sucking and licking… maybe it’s the licking. It’s like she thinks my cock is some big ice-cream cone that’s melting in the sun and she needs to lap it all up before it drips and makes a big mess everywhere. Ironic really, since that is exactly what I want to do.

There needs to me more tenderness, more desire in it. When a woman’s mouth is around my cock, I want to feel like she is taking her time to explore and pleasure me. I also want her to find her own pleasure in doing it. If I know she does not find pleasure in it, it is hard to enjoy it myself.

I used to think the ice-cream analogy was a good one. Not so much it seems. There is no pleasure in being in a rush to lick something up to keep it from dripping and making a mess all over you. It feels like what I can only assume a dog lapping up his dish of water after chasing squirrels all afternoon would feel like. Me, of course, being the dish and she the dog.

Did I just say she was a dog? No, she is not a dog. Most definitely NOT a dog.

Katie is the most beautiful goddess I have ever laid eyes on. Long raven hair, green eyes, and warm olive complexion. Perky breasts, long legs, and a firm ass. Mmm, that ass of hers. I could spend hours worshipping that ass. When she is bent over in front of me those two dimples right above her butt, she calls them her princess dimples… divine. Truly divine.

But why, oh why, can she not get this cock sucking bit down?

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11 thoughts on “She Sucks

  1. I will tell you cocksucking is an art in and of itself. If she is not that into it, she will not learn it well or perform it well. I learned young as a way of self survival in a hellish situation. Now I love it, I realize the power it gives me over my lover, the twisting of my tongue upside down when he is buried deep in my throat, flicking around the shaft as I turn it over, the tip licking his tip just under the rim of his head, in that sweet spot that makes him tremble with want.
    No I don’t know how to do it either..

  2. It was not something I particularly enjoyed doing until Sir, now I can’t get enough. I think it’s a matter of being in tune with the other person on all frequencies. Some frequencies just come in better than others.

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. I liked how the story moved and all the great things about the relationship came out but there is still the one thing that isn’t quite right and that issue keeps nagging at him.

    • There is so much that is good and one thing that isn’t. We either fix it, ignore it, or find someone else who can do it for us.

  4. Sounds like she has been reading the Cosmo tips to BJ’s…. which are quite frankly alarming!


    • Ah, I should have put that in the story. Maybe the next one. 😉

  5. This really made me smile, it is so well written. Kind of tongue-in-the-cheek. Lovely.

    For me, I never enjoyed sucking cock until I met Master T…….

    Rebel xox

  6. A blow job be it fast and quick, or slow and deep should always have the giver’s full attention and love, for me it is a thing of love and and absolute delight to do.

    Rachel x

  7. To be good at sucking cock you need to love it. If your hear isn’t in it. Or you are doing it because you love a person and want to please him, but you don’t really enjoy it, then it isn’t going to come out right.

  8. Really great post!! You may find it interesting to look into an infant project that I’ve started The Fellatio Project (hopefully the link has worked!)

    ~Mia~ xx

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