Night One (B&J Part Deux)

Author’s note: The second part of a collaboration with my friends Eva St. James, who writes here, and Chris McC, who writes here. Thank you both for working on this with me. If you missed the beginning of the story you can catch up with Perceptions.

“Are you Ben?” the blonde haired beauty asked, weaving slightly. “I’m Jill, Megan sent me up. She’ll be back in a minute.”

Ben opened the door and Jill stepped through. She was wearing a diaphanous pink sheath and carried a pair of silver high heels hooked over her fingers.

“We were on our way up, but she was delayed in the games room. Tobias and Jeremy wanted to take her on in a game of poker pool,” Jill said, looking around the small room. Ben fought the fuzz that was still wrapped around his brain as the petite female plopped herself down in the comfy armchair by the window. “She said I should come on up and have a drink, introduce myself.”

Jill asked if he had anything to drink, and Ben obliged with a glass of wine. As his senses began to wake, he became more and more aware of how beautiful she was. Petite, yet perfectly voluptuous, platinum blonde hair cut short, eyes so green they didn’t look real. He was fascinated by her. He was sure Megan had chosen her in contrast to herself. His wife was tall and brunette, with a slim athletic build.

“So, what are you into,” Ben asked, in the way of an ice breaker, but also to get an idea of where the evening’s encounter would go. “Are you looking for a …”

“I like couples,” she cut him short. “I am here because I like both men and women, preferably at the same time. I don’t mean to sound too awfully business-like, crass some would say, but that really is the truth of it. When I am with a woman, just the two of us, I find myself wanting to be fucked by a man. When I am with a man I always wish there was a woman there to touch me, you know, the way only a woman can. So, I take advantage of opportunities like this where I can enjoy both.”

Ben’s mind went immediately to an image of Jill atop Megan on the bed in a 69 position, him crawling up between Jill’s legs to fuck her from behind while her face was in his wife’s pussy. A personal favorite of his, right up there with Gentleman Jack whiskey and cashmere scarfs. The thought brought a noticeable jerk to his cock.

“Aren’t you here with someone? A guy?” he asked, wondering what was taking Megan so long.

“Mitchell,” Jill answered, pulling off her long crystal earrings. “He is passed out in our room. It would seem the long day of skiing and toddies at the lodge have caught up with him. I think it may be time to cut him loose as he doesn’t seem to have the stamina to keep up with me and stay in the game like he used to.”

As she spoke she never took her eyes off Ben, looking him straight in the eye the whole time. It made everything she said seem secret, suggestive. He found he did not want to wait for Megan to return to the room.

They had a rule of not playing without the other but lately that rule had been becoming looser. Ben had found her on occasion making out with someone at a party without his prior knowledge. She had also discovered him on the receiving end of an impromptu blow job from the husband of a woman they had been talking to at the club.

A bit of a warm up didn’t seem like a bad idea to him at the moment so Ben walked over to Jill, went to his knees, and took one of her tiny feet into his expert hands.

“Those shoes must have been hurting,” he said, kneading the sole of her right foot. Her toenails were painted a red so deep it appeared almost black. ”You have beautiful feet, so small and perfect.”

She closed her eyes and dropped her head back on the chair, softly moaning. “That feels so good,” she whispered. “I am a sucker for a good foot rub.”

“Just the feet?”

“You want to rub more?”

His hands released and quickly slipped up her legs.  “Absofuckinglutely.”  Leaning forward, his hands moved further up, to her thighs, and made short work of her panties, pushing them aside.

An appreciative hum slipped from Jill’s lips as she felt his fingers slide inside of her.  Her smile blossomed hearing the zip sound of his free hand working to unleash what was in his pants.  Straightening her head she began to sit up.  “Don’t mind if I do,” she said leaning forward and pushing his hand away.  Her own hands slipped into his pants and quickly past the elastic band of his briefs, slipping his already formed erection into the open air. She kissed the tip of it, hard and swirled her tongue around the tip. She then traced down his shaft with the tip of her tongue.

“I love this part,” he moaned.

“I bet you do.”  A quick tug sent the single button that had been holding his pants closed spiraling into the air like escaping popcorn from an air-popper.  Returning to the top, she kissed his erection again…but this time parted her lips to allow him deep into her mouth.

Ben, at first, rested his hand on the back of her head.  Slowly his fingers gathered hair and unintentionally he controlled her pace.  Then four words came from his lips in a breathy whisper, “I’m going to cum.”

Jill, much to Ben’s surprise, did not stop…in fact, she increased the pace and made audible moans herself sensing her power over him.  She wanted the warm and bitter liquid in her mouth.  She coaxed it, milked it.

With the feeling of the first eruption, it occurred to Ben that no woman had accepted his cum in this manner prior… not even his wife… and astonished as he was, he would have been more shocked had he realized just how often Jill would be doing this for him going forward.

Jill, erection still in mouth, smiled around it and again swirled her tongue over the tip before finally releasing her prey.

“On your back,” Ben said in a soft commanding tone.  “I am hungry.”

Her tongue gave her lips a quick once over to pick up a stray cum strand trying to escape.  “Yes, sir,” she said and followed his instruction.

As Jill got up to move to the bed, she unhooked her dress and let it drop to the floor. Standing in front of him completely naked, Ben was mesmerized by her pure beauty. How could he be so smitten? He didn’t even know her. He didn’t care. At this moment all he wanted was more.

Ben climbed onto the bed, sliding down to her thighs. He breathed her in, the scent of her sweet and intoxicating. He could devour her in one fell swoop, he could, but he wanted to take his time and savour every second, every sweet wet moment.

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