The Devil’s Deal ~ D. Wilder


The deal was simple. Take a local woman’s place as companion to a dragon, and they’d commute her twenty year jail sentence. To a thief like Ailsa, it seemed all too easy. Get out of jail, service a dragon, steal his treasure. After all, between her wits, her blades, and her body, life was a game Ailsa always won.

But some bargains should never be struck.

A daring, cunning thief.

A dangerous, unpredictable dragon.

The Devil’s Deal: An erotic novella of dark fantasy.


Welcome to Dragon Week!

Sunday, October 26/14 @ 8:00pm, Ep. 1: The Opportunity

Sunday, October 26/14 @ 9:00pm, Ep. 2: The Swamp

Monday, October 27/14 @ 5:00pm, Ep. 3: The First Meeting

Monday, October 27/14 @ 6:00pm, Ep. 4: The Pool

Tuesday, October 28/14 @ 5:00pm, Ep. 5: The Lair

Tuesday, October 28/14 @ 6:00pm, Ep. 6: The Lair’s Treasures

Wednesday, October 29/14 @ 5:00pm, Ep. 7: The Massage

Wednesday, October 29/14 @ 6:00pm, Ep. 8: The Plan

Thursday, October 30/14 @ 5:00pm, Ep. 9: The Pleasant Evening

Thursday, October 30/14 @ 6:00pm, Ep. 10: The Scar

Friday, October 31/14 @ 8:00pm, Ep. 11: The Deal


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