January Jumpstart

Taking part in January Jumpstart has really been helping me get back on track this year with writing and posting to my blog. I may not have posted every day in January, but I have posted more than I did during the entirety of last year. Lunch Date is a guest series by my friend […]

Looking Forward 2021

Here I am writing a post I didn’t think I would this year. Not because I don’t like planning, because I very much do, but because the last several years did not pan out in any way like I had planned at the beginning of the year and frankly, I was tired of failing. I […]

Glad it’s Over

Not often do I wish time to go faster but this past year I wished it a lot. 2020 seemed far too long, and far too difficult at times. That one extra leap year day felt more like an extra hundred days. The year started off pretty well. I got healthier than I had been […]

Smut Marathon, Past and Present

This is my third year participating in the Smut Marathon. In 2018 I withdrew in round 5, last year I was eliminated after round 2. My goal every year has been to learn. To learn from the assignments, the writing, and the feedback. Where I end up placing is really only relevant to being able […]

Where is my muse?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write. Not for lack of time. Nor for lack of ideas. But for lack of… something. Somewhere between that first post and now I lost my way with words. I lost the muse. That not quite tangible thing that inspired and drove […]

DD – Dreams & Guns

Dear Diary, I had several dreams last night. Good dreams and an odd dream. He was in one and I shared it with him earlier this afternoon. He had no response. When I asked him if it was a good dream or not he did come back and say it was a very good dream. […]

All of Me

I pour my heart out on these pages. All of it. All of me. Sure there are fictional posts, but even those contain some piece of truth. It may be hidden and disguised, but it’s there.  Some people would call this my online diary. I wouldn’t call it that. I often write or post pictures […]

Toot-Toot… The Writing Process Blog Tour is Coming Through

My wonderful friend and fellow writer/blogger Franco Bolli has invited me to join in on a blog tour. I’ve been following his blog from nearly the beginning and love how open he has always been about his relationship with Princess. Few ever admit to feeling less than at the top of their game, especially Dominants, […]