Smut Marathon, Past and Present

This is my third year participating in the Smut Marathon. In 2018 I withdrew in round 5, last year I was eliminated after round 2. My goal every year has been to learn. To learn from the assignments, the writing, and the feedback. Where I end up placing is really only relevant to being able […]


Do y’all remember when I entered Oleander Plume’s Prompted competition? Well, now there is going to be a book, an anthology of all 26 stories, and I’m in it!. Exciting isn’t it? Yay!!! I know, I’m just a wee bit late on getting this posted. Someone can spank me for that later. 😉 My story, A Promise […]

Champagne and Parlor Games

NOTE: Following this week’s prompt of “Revisiting,” I am going back to a story I started for a Wicked Wednesday challenge last year. June 21, 2014 to be exact (better late than never, right?). Prompt #108: Flight Attendant. What story can you come up with using this premise: a flight attendant drinking champagne in first […]

A to Z Challenge 2015

Ok, so I may have lost my mind here, but I’ve decided to take part in the A to Z Challenge next month. 26 posts in 30 days, 30 posts if I do my Sinful Sunday posts separately since Sunday’s are break days from the challenge. A far cry from what I’ve been posting as of late. I need […]

Fantastic Tongue

“More tongue, Baby. Use that fantastic tongue of yours.” “Yes, Daddy,” she obeyed. She would never disobey him, even when obeying was a challenge. Nothing worth having , nothing worth achieving, ever came without a challenge. That is what Daddy always said and she knew he was right. Julie took the cock into her mouth again, determined to […]

Catching The Signal

Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath, and walked towards where he was sitting. She was trying not to let her nerves get the best of her, though difficult it was. This was a big opportunity and she didn’t want to blow it. Darnell, the man […]

His Message

It’s time for another Wicked Wednesday challenge… I had a story in mind, possibly a picture, but as happens occasionally real life gave me something to write about instead. I was in bed and unable to sleep. Thinking about a couple of phone meetings I am to have later in the week and mulling over […]

FFF: Fuck Me

Flash Fiction Prompt – 11/15 – Fuck Me FFF Challenge – You have 100 words to make me cum. You get 25 extra words if you write it on Thursday and do it in one draft, typos and all. GO! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He wakes to the feel of her mouth around his morning erection, her tongue […]