Simple Pleasures

During my summer vacation I spent most evenings sitting on this dock listening to the water lap against the shore, watching the clouds do their dance, breathing in the freshest mountain air, and watching the bright blue sky change through varying colors and shades to a dark night sky lit up by stars. Water, mountains, […]

No Ferraris

I am on vacation in Newfoundland this week. We’ve been visiting family and childhood haunts. My phone and Internet service has been sporadic at best, but that’s perfectly fine with me when these are my views. There are no Ferraris in nature. ūüôā

Cuba Boyfriend

I managed to make it up in time to catch breakfast today, even with a 4am wake up from security and somebody’s drunken boyfriend. I made it out the door at about quarter after nine. Yay! Yesterday was a loss with not making it up until nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. I wasn’t going to […]

Drunken Tourist

4:05 am and I¬†was awakened by some drunken tourist being escorted back to his room by security. My annoyance at being awake at this hour soon turned to hilarious amusement as I listened and watched through the peephole. “I don’t understand. What’s going on? I have a girlfriend and a life.”¬†Like one¬†who has a life, […]

G is for…

Goronio, or George if that’s easier “Hola se√Īorita.¬†May I help with¬†your bags?” He stood in the doorway of the hotel, his untucked uniform shirt blowing in the breeze. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He was one of those men who I am sure came out of the womb and immediately began […]

Drinking Games at The Puntarena

“Drinks for everyone!” The exclamation would be heard many times this evening. It didn’t matter that the drinks were free, it was an all inclusive resort after all. Vacationers were letting loose and partying like they were nineteen again. No kids or jobs to get up to in the morning, no responsibilities for a whole […]

What A Difference A Week Makes

I thought this pic of me on the airplane en route to vacation was pretty good… …until I took this one on my last day there. It would appear sun and positive temperatures do work wonders. Click the link below for some pics that are far more sinful than mine this week.

Goodbye Varadero

It is just after 3:00 and the lobby is filled with cool jazz tunes and a warm tropical breeze. I am sitting here waiting for the shuttle to come collect me so I can begin my journey home. It’s been more than a week and I am both ready to leave and not ready whatsoever. […]