Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes you lean over and find the messy drawer holds more intrigue than the photo you are working on.

Dollar Store Challenge

Molly wrote about a Fucktoy Friday Task she was given a while back that involved purchasing an item at a local hardware store and using it to make herself cum. You can read about her task and how she completed it HERE. There are plenty of things that can be perverted at stores like Home […]


It is amazing the power simple words have on us. Sometimes it is the manner in which they are said, but often it is simply our own perception. Take cunt for example. Many people hate this word. They think of it as a crass demeaning word. I have a girlfriend who I’ve only ever heard […]

A Typo and A Toy

I received a beautiful silver bracelet for Christmas with some lovely engraved beads. I received two bracelets actually, one from my son and one from a friend. The friend’s, of course, was intended for my more kinky side. This bead is supposed to say Stella Kiink on it. The Stella part looks great… …however the […]

Siesta Time

Playing around on a sunny morning soon led to this… Which turned into this… (Damn, it’s hard to take a good pic of a naturally lubricated piece of shiny metal with your cell phone!) Which then led to a short siesta. Click below to see how others are enjoying their Sinful Sunday.

He Will

Got a new boy today he’s cute he’s smart he listens Got a new toy today it’s soft it’s hard it threatens Went home to play today with boy and toy together He doesn’t like it the boy the toy but obeys I like the toy it snaps it soothes It’s a joy the toy […]