AtoZ 2016: Gorgeous

Guarded, generous, gentle, giddy, glad, gloomy, good, good-natured, grateful, gratified, great, greedy, green with envy, grief-stricken, groovy, grouchy, grumpy, guilty, gullible, guilty, GORGEOUS   If we can feel blue or green why can’t we feel beautiful and gorgeous? We can look gorgeous but can we feel gorgeous? I say yes, yes we can. Beauty is about far more than […]

Is Monogamy Really the Way?

I live in a world that has become set on morality, one where monogamy is the standard model for relationships. I should have one partner, one soul mate, one and only one. Why is this the normal accepted standard for us North Americans, and when did it become such? Also, why is it still considered the standard when we […]

Puppy Training

“Whether your dog fancies herself dominant or submissive, her role in the pack may have something to do with it. So-called active submission or appeasement includes behaviors like jumping, attention-seeking, nuzzling and performing a play bow. If these behaviors accompany the bone drop, your dog is reminding you that she knows you’re the alpha.” ~ […]

When You Can’t Trust Your Body

You should always trust your body and it’s limitations. Easily said when you are living a vanilla life, but not so when you enter the world of kink and BDSM. It isn’t that easy because we are may be pushing a limit, some boundary that we want to move beyond or that our Dom wants […]


MKINYK. My kink is not your kink. Most people say it the other way, your kink is not my kink, or YKINMK. I say mine isn’t yours because mine is what I know about. I don’t know what your kink is. Maybe it is my kink, but likely it isn’t because you’ve never mentioned it […]

FetLife and The Single Gal

So, I’ve been on FetLife for a little over two years now and some of the messages I get still surprise me. Even when the messages seem sensible I will go check out their profile and be caught off guard by how different it is from the message. I guess things shouldn’t surprise me since new members […]

I Am Not

I am not a brat, though sometimes I act like one. I push because I want you to be the one who doesn’t take it, the one who makes it past my defense mechanisms. I am not a baby, but I melt when you call me baby. It means you cherish me and want to […]


Have you ever had an experience you were too naïve to understand or appreciate? So erotic, but you were too insecure to just let it be and embrace it? I relive the following experience in my head over and over again. It’s been 25 years, yet when I close my eyes I am transported back […]