Lunch Date ~ Chapter 7

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. This is the last chapter of her Lunch Date series, for now. You can find all chapters on the Lunch Date page. —————————————————— Sir? … Sir please …” You know immediately what I am going to ask and you are looking forward to denying me. “So soon my precious slut? No, you may not cum yet, slut.”  You […]

Lunch Date ~ Chapter 5

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page. —————————————————— I am calm and relaxed now, it’s time to start playing. You gently unhook my bra, slide it down my arms and cast it off to one side. You reach around to idly play with my left nipple, your fingers cold from holding the chilled bottle of water, […]

Lunch Date ~ Chapter 4

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page. —————————————————— “I brought myself to an orgasm earlier Sir, without your permission. I am sorry.” “And why did you do that slut?” “I am truly sorry Sir. I was just so horny at the thought of spending the day […]

I Didn’t Ask

I did something this morning without asking. I should have asked, but I didn’t. It felt good, oh so good, until it didn’t. It does not feel good when I don’t follow the rules. Now corrective action has to be taken. Amongst other things, I must touch myself at least once each day for the next week but […]

Good Morning?

  “Good morning, handsome.” “Good morning.” With few exceptions, this is pretty much how we’ve started each day for the better part of a year. Sometimes it comes a little later in the morning, but our first greetings to each other are always good morning regardless whether it is a 6am or closer to noon on […]

Still A Cherry Tree

We said no expectations. We said that D/s wasn’t the dynamic of our relationship. We said that because of distance and circumstance. It made sense. It still makes sense. What I want, what I need, doesn’t always make sense though. You know me well enough to know the difference between what I say I want […]


    When the chains that hold you come off will you continue to stay bound to him? Do you need the chains to stay or do you stay because that is exactly where you want to be? Will you chase freedom or revel in the freedom you’ve found in your submission? Think about it. […]

T is for…

Tasks The world of Domination and submission, D/s, comes with an abundance of rules, routines, and tasks (which, for the purpose of this blog, I will refer to as RRTs.) Not everyone in D/s relationships have the same RRTs though, and while some have very few others have days filled with them. It all depends […]