Strong Independent Woman

I was having a tough day last week. Yesterday. Today. Well… to be honest I’ve been having a lot of tough days for a while now. Working from home full time while having my son at home and trying to get him to do schoolwork each day for three and a half months. Just the […]

Something’s Got To Give

I have been crazy busy lately. Two major projects at work, some personal projects, and a nearly four year old at home will do that. Generally I love being busy but it is just too much right now. Something’s got to give. So, work… We are doing an upgrade of our current finance system which, […]

Under Pressure

“Insanity laughs under pressure, we’re cracking, can’t we give ourselves one more chance?” I always try to not put too much pressure on myself, but the truth is, the pressure we put on ourselves is far greater than what anyone else can serve up. You know when you want everything to be perfect, and then […]