Sunday Morning

  I should have been on the go hours ago but no, I am lounging in bed instead. It is Sunday after all, everything else can wait.  

Blue Haze

Beneath the deep blue haze Pain brings me back to life …   You can see all of this week’s Sinful photos by clicking the link below.  

Life In Shadow

Today I post a self-portrait, though not the usual one sees for Sinful Sunday. I was enjoying the sun on a beautifully crisp day at the Badlands when I took this shot of my shadow. Though it was a perfectly lovely day by all accounts, I was sad there was no snow. This time of […]

Who’s There?

Who is it? Is somebody there? I think we had an extra guest for dinner Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Sinful Sunday


I told Mister I wanted to get sloshed with him over the holidays. The plan was for later this week but, due to schedule changes and us both having drinks with friends earlier in the day, we ended up getting thoroughly sloshed this weekend. My first hangover in over seven years! It was a fun messy […]


We were heading out the door to a holiday party when I was told I must discard my undies. This is where they landed. This is where he moved them. If you were Santa, would you stop here? Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Click on this link to see who else is playing today.