I could have been over him by now

I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this month would make ending things easier. Spending more time together is making it harder. Enjoying his company, sleeping in his arms… it just made it hurt more. And it shouldn’t hurt, not now, not two years after he went off and married someone else. […]

He Would Be 23

We’ve all had losses in our lives that we couldn’t imagine ever getting over. When you are young that first heartbreak feels like your world is going to end. I remember crying my eyes out when my first love and I broke up. I thought I’d never get over it, that I’d never love someone […]


Sometimes you just need to cry, without really knowing why. Your eyes well up, your chest tightens and your tears start. Slow at first, tentative, not sure what they are doing or why they have formed. Then they begin to flow, something in you lets go and the flood starts. Your breath catches, shallow, and your chest […]