Are You A Good Girl?

“Are you a good girl?” His usual growl was a whisper, barely audible above her ragged breathing. His fingers were deep inside. Exploring. Pushing. Bringing her close to, but not beyond her tipping point.  “Are you a good girl?” His voice was louder this time, though still barely above a thick whisper. He pulled his fingers […]

I Didn’t Ask

I did something this morning without asking. I should have asked, but I didn’t. It felt good, oh so good, until it didn’t. It does not feel good when I don’t follow the rules. Now corrective action has to be taken. Amongst other things, I must touch myself at least once each day for the next week but […]

Simple Rules

The past few weeks have been a time of reflection for me. During this time I attended Playground, which I will write about soon, and have been re-evaluating some of my relationships. Every relationship, whether intimate or not, helps us learn and define what is acceptable to us and what is not. They also help […]

Good Morning?

  “Good morning, handsome.” “Good morning.” With few exceptions, this is pretty much how we’ve started each day for the better part of a year. Sometimes it comes a little later in the morning, but our first greetings to each other are always good morning regardless whether it is a 6am or closer to noon on […]

Still A Cherry Tree

We said no expectations. We said that D/s wasn’t the dynamic of our relationship. We said that because of distance and circumstance. It made sense. It still makes sense. What I want, what I need, doesn’t always make sense though. You know me well enough to know the difference between what I say I want […]