Is Monogamy Really the Way?

I live in a world that has become set on morality, one where monogamy is the standard model for relationships. I should have one partner, one soul mate, one and only one. Why is this the normal accepted standard for us North Americans, and when did it become such? Also, why is it still considered the standard when we […]

What Does Porn Lead To

I was going to post a follow-up piece to Catching The Signal, but that will have to wait another week. You do not need to watch this video to understand what I am going to write. You don’t need to watch it to know that people are gullible and blindly follow others without questioning reasons […]

Double Heart

I am so very angry and disappointed in my friend. You could say friend. Though I am certain that after seventeen years he is no longer going to be one. This is my story of him, not his story. It is not about religion, not really, though it is a part of it. For me it is […]