More on Porn

I’ve written about porn before. What does porn lead to? and Pornography or Erotic? What does it matter? are two posts I’m quite proud of. Please check them out. I’m not much of a porn aficionado. I really don’t watch it. I can’t name any current porn stars aside from that James Deen guy because […]

What would you do?

What would you do if I walked up and kissed you? Would you kiss me back? Would you slip your tongue into my mouth, bite my lip, or would you push me away? What would you do if I reached out and touched you? What if I touched you intimately? Would you smile and let […]

It Was Just A Dream

I have the most interesting dreams at times. I don’t always remember them, or if I do wake up and remember I often forget them by the end of the day. The ones I remember? They are the ones that evoke feelings, strong feelings. Over the years there have been many and they range from […]