DD – Last Night

Dear Diary, I’ve been playing out scenarios in my mind all week. Playing and replaying. Sometimes worst case, sometimes best. Me begging, him ignoring. Him showing up on my doorstep and telling me he loves me, how he can’t live without me. No matter how many times I do it, how many different ways it […]


We all do this to some degree. We take a picture or two then hmm and ha about whether to post to our profile or send to someone. That is hard enough, but what about us bloggers? What we post is available for the whole world to see should they be so inclined. The concern […]

A Different Kind of Sunday

  I’ve been thinking about a part if my life I lived many moons ago. The memories sometimes feeling like they happened to another person in another time, sometimes feeling like I lived them just yesterday. The only thing for certain is that I am reminded of them nearly every day. This picture was taken […]

Something’s Got To Give

I have been crazy busy lately. Two major projects at work, some personal projects, and a nearly four year old at home will do that. Generally I love being busy but it is just too much right now. Something’s got to give. So, work… We are doing an upgrade of our current finance system which, […]

Influence and The Missing Man

I often find myself being influenced by the moods of other people. It’s not bad when the other person is feeling happy or generally good at the time, especially if I’m not feeling particularly great myself, but when they are sad or upset I tend to follow suit. Rather than comforting them or helping in […]

TMI – Submission #3

TMI Tuesday time again! Fill in the blanks. 1. I’m the type of person that likes to be playful in bed. It has to be fun, otherwise there’s no point. 2. If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I would go with him. He’s the man I want to be with and […]

Kinky Dominant Submissive

I am a kinky dominant submissive exhibitionist who enjoys bondage and voyeurism, not vanilla. That quiz cleared everything up! Why do we do these silly things anyway? Want to know if you and your partner are compatible? Take this quiz. Want to know what you should do when you grow up? Take that quiz. Want to know […]

After The Whistling

A short follow-up to Dreaded Whistling. I want to thank everyone for their kind words and understanding. I’ve never been part of a community, or had friends, where I felt comfortable sharing these parts of myself. Funny how I can feel that way when, save one, I have never met any of you wonderful Wicked Wednesday […]