He Would Be 23

We’ve all had losses in our lives that we couldn’t imagine ever getting over. When you are young that first heartbreak feels like your world is going to end. I remember crying my eyes out when my first love and I broke up. I thought I’d never get over it, that I’d never love someone […]


I clench my teeth to bear the pain, yet the more I resist the more there is. Not just pain though, there is also pleasure amongst the pain.  

B is for…

Bruises Bruises are terrible things. They hurt. They change colours from blue to purple to a yucky yellowish green. They suck. Or do they? The answer is a bit confounded. Yes, bruises can be painful nasty buggers. But no, they aren’t always terrible things. They can be very, very wonderful things. Every time I move, […]

Senses Come Alive

Cold, hard metal encased in buttery soft leather feels best with it’s sharp points focused on my soft, sensitive, girly bits Pain and pleasure mingle My senses come alive

Cunt Busting?

At a workshop I attended this past summer on pussy torture I learned what cunt busting was. I have to tell ya, not a fan. I enjoy me some pain but getting punched or kicked in the cunt is not the kind of pain I’m into. I was thinking about how painful it would be […]