Lunch Date ~ Chapter 7

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. This is the last chapter of her Lunch Date series, for now. You can find all chapters on the Lunch Date page. —————————————————— Sir? … Sir please …” You know immediately what I am going to ask and you are looking forward to denying me. “So soon my precious slut? No, you may not cum yet, slut.”  You […]

I’ll take the orgasm

An orgasm can do wonders for ones well being. It certainly does mine. I feel much more relaxed, less stressed, and am able to fall quickly into a good night’s sleep after having an orgasm or two, more if I’m a very lucky girl. The question is, why do we deprive ourselves when they make us […]

Make Me Orgasm, But how?

I had an interesting Twitter convo earlier this evening. It all started with this tweet that showed up in my TL: “If orgasm is all about the clitoris, what does penile penetration provide?” The tweeter went on to ask which I would pick if I could only have one, clitoral stimulation or penile penetration, and […]

Self Given

My day started with several self given orgasms. It began with a delicious creamy one, ended with an exquisite squirty one, and contained many more equally enjoyable ones in between. All but one of the many were vaginal orgasms today. This isn’t rare, as I do orgasm from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it […]