When I Was Younger

I believe I have always been a sexual person. Even when I was younger I was sexual, adventurous, and I wanted to push my boundaries. Not much has changed in that regard. I’ve been thinking about my younger years lately. About how I wanted things without really knowing what they were or even what wanting […]

Guns and Wolves

I so wanted to follow the “Promote” prompt this week but after completely revamping my Erotic Episodes project I lost everything. Not sure how it happened but so far I’ve not been able to get it back. When I log on I don’t even see the regular WP dashboard. I have nothing else to promote as I’ve […]

No Ferraris

I am on vacation in Newfoundland this week. We’ve been visiting family and childhood haunts. My phone and Internet service has been sporadic at best, but that’s perfectly fine with me when these are my views. There are no Ferraris in nature. 🙂

Sunny Sunday

     Another from my afternoon enjoying the backyard last week. You can see the others here.  Click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.  

Q is for…

Quenched Thunder roars in the distance. The naked tree branches swoosh about as a gust of wind blows through the yard. Dried leaves swirl in eddies across the sandstone path and come to rest, though briefly, at the base of the cedar hedge.  The pitter patter of raindrops approach. Faint drops make their way across […]

Lavender Fields Forever

Have you ever experienced the wonderful scent of fresh lavender? Likely not. We can get dried lavender, and lavender scented items such as candles and air fresheners, but it isn’t a prominent garden flower. Lavender is also one of those scents many people are adverse to. Not because it is a bad smell, but because […]