Ep. 11: The Deal

Varcorak awoke in the deep of night. Dull, hot pain throbbed through his belly. His scarred stomach always ached when the swamp spoke to him in the tongue of storms, warning him of liars, thieves, and blades in the dark. Varcorak opened his eyes to bronze slits. Ailsa skulked in the shadows nearby, dressed and […]

Ep. 10: The Scar

Ailsa settled upon a thick blue blanket with silvery patches. Still damp from the bath, she hadn’t bothered to dress. She opened up her pack, glancing at the dragon. Varcorak sat on his haunches nearby, his finned tail curled around his paws. Pale blue light made the gray lines and blotches of old scars stand […]

Ep. 9: The Pleasant Evening

Ailsa knelt beneath Varcorak’s outstretched wing, rubbing oil into the black and green canopy. The dragon’s wing membrane was sturdy as leather, but softer and quite warm. Tiny veins pulsed throughout it. A muscular joint behind Varcorak’s shoulder anchored his wing, with the membranes attached along his back from that joint to his haunch. Ailsa […]

Follower’s Choice

Last Wednesday I missed posting to the blog. As a result I decided two posts today, with one of them being your choice, would make up for it. I’ve been posting two posts a day all week with The Devil’s Deal, but that doesn’t make up for anything. It is #DragonWeek afterall. I had a […]


I was going to do an audio blog of one of my “first” pieces. Had it all planned out. Did a couple practice runs and everything. Problem is, I’ve a cold with massive coughing and sore throat. I may be able to pull Smelly Cat off but no way can I pull off sexy and […]

Ep. 8: The Plan

The first thing Ailsa did when they released her from jail was to demand a hot bath, a hot meal, and a night in a comfortable inn. She used the bath to wash the cell’s stench from her body, the meal to meet with a contact who worked in the tavern, and the night alone […]

Ep. 7: The Massage

Ailsa followed the dragon to his sleeping area. Varcorak settled on his side upon a sprawl of blankets and cushions, his wings draped behind him. He plucked a silver goblet from his wine crate, uncorked a new bottle and poured some into the vessel. When he held the goblet out towards Ailsa, the webbing stood […]

TMIT: Let’s Get Serious

Let’s Get Serious   1. What are you most afraid of? I am afraid of not being able to breathe. I have asthma, sometimes very bad, as well as severe allergies that have sent me to the hospital with anaphylaxis. Walking into a hospital and having them bring you on back without asking you any questions, […]