Menstruation. Does it weird you out?

So, my Sinful Sunday pic this past Sunday. Did you see it? Did it weird you out? I won’t repost it here but, for those who have not yet seen it and would like to, you can follow the link to take you to Crimson Splendour. To be honest, I’ve had this picture idea for a while […]


She arrived at her doctor’s office just as the fire alarm started sounding. Just great. Another delay after her previous appointment had been postponed two weeks when her doctor had decided to take a last minute vacation. She was livid! At first she stood outside with the other people from the building then decided her […]

Self Given

My day started with several self given orgasms. It began with a delicious creamy one, ended with an exquisite squirty one, and contained many more equally enjoyable ones in between. All but one of the many were vaginal orgasms today. This isn’t rare, as I do orgasm from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it […]

Masturbation: The Big Finish

I did it. Finally. After more than a week without Him, even longer of him not having me do it, I masturbated. Late the other night, or rather very early the next morning, I pulled out a couple clips and a vibrator and gave myself an orgasm. And even though I am hard pressed to […]

Insatiable ~ Kayla Lords

Please welcome Kayla Lords with her first guest post. She says she started her blog because she wanted to learn how to cum and to do that, she needed to masturbate, which she also had to learn how to do. Her blog focuses on many things now, from Dominance and submission to erotica, from masturbation […]

TMIT – How do you like…?

How do you like ____ ? How do you like . . . 1. Your eggs cooked? I usually make them scrambled for my son but my preference is poached though I haven’t quite mastered poaching eggs yet. I do not like the yolks runny whatsoever and overdone chaulky yolks are blasphemous! Perfection for me is when they […]

TMIT – Navigating Sex

Navigating Sex 1. Answer Yes or No: I Regret My First Kiss    NO. He was a nice guy and those were fun days I Miss My First Love    NO. I see him most weeks as his sister cares for my son. I have not been “in love” with him for the better part of 20 years. I Married My First […]