Sometimes it is thick and creamy. Sometimes it erupts like an active volcano, flowing hot lava. Today it is dripping wet, like the rain that falls on the other side of the window


I couldn’t decide on the edit so I included both.  Click the link below to see what other sinful things people have been up to this Sunday.

Morning Shower

Come, he had said. Come before you remove the kegel balls. Come, and tell me. Yes Sir. I will come in the shower this morning. Stepping into the shower was a warm welcome after being greeted by the cold November morning. Not initially though, as it first ran cold and shocked awake what was left of that half […]

I Didn’t Ask

I did something this morning without asking. I should have asked, but I didn’t. It felt good, oh so good, until it didn’t. It does not feel good when I don’t follow the rules. Now corrective action has to be taken. Amongst other things, I must touch myself at least once each day for the next week but […]

Y is for…

Yanking my Yammy I started to write a delicious post about taste but my phone app decided to lose it. As it seems to do far too often lately. I needed to get my Y post in today so I did a little research online and found something that suited perfectly.  Yanking, to yank, is […]

May I Play With Myself?

Mister S and I were texting the other night as he is currently out of town on business. We weren’t discussing anything serious, just talking about my reminder marks and how we missed each other. Then he asked me if he could play with himself. “May I play with myself Ms?” “What’s the rule?” was […]

Menstruation. Does it weird you out?

So, my Sinful Sunday pic this past Sunday. Did you see it? Did it weird you out? I won’t repost it here but, for those who have not yet seen it and would like to, you can follow the link to take you to Crimson Splendour. To be honest, I’ve had this picture idea for a while […]

Crimson Splendour

“It is courage, courage, courage, that raises the blood of life to crimson splendour.” ~ Horace