I could have been over him by now

I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this month would make ending things easier. Spending more time together is making it harder. Enjoying his company, sleeping in his arms… it just made it hurt more. And it shouldn’t hurt, not now, not two years after he went off and married someone else. […]

DD – 19 Years

Dear Diary, It’s odd how things can sneak up on you at times. Things you haven’t thought about in years that suddenly break you all over again. Yesterday was an anniversary of sorts. 19 years ago yesterday the Rock Man proposed to me for a second time. The time I said yes. It is also […]

How do you break up when you aren’t dating?

Breakup Day- February 21: Waiting for the right moment to end the relationship? You certainly can’t find any better day, so go ahead and get rid of that toxic person from your life, by breaking up. How do you do it? How do you break up with someone when you aren’t actually dating? Maybe you said […]

A Different Kind of Sunday

  I’ve been thinking about a part if my life I lived many moons ago. The memories sometimes feeling like they happened to another person in another time, sometimes feeling like I lived them just yesterday. The only thing for certain is that I am reminded of them nearly every day. This picture was taken […]

The Beginning ~ JustSomeOldMan

This is the beginning of his story, in his own voice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The women I’m writing about spent most of their time on their knees.  Which is why I’m writing about them. That’s not why I’m writing about them, no I’m remembering them for much higher reasons… And this dichotomy is how love develops. One of […]


my soul is empty it was sacrificed long ago I never even saw it slip away I was blinded by him he was my love or so I thought I sacrificed my whole being to please him but he was unpleasable I gave up everything mistook that for loving it made my world a mess […]