Sex is a big question mark

What part of your sexuality seems the most mysterious to you, or what part are you still learning about? I’ve always been pretty open and experimental when it comes to my sex life. Probably more so as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable in my own skin, and definitely more since I started blogging. I […]

Lunch Date ~ Chapter 6

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page. —————————————————— You slide your boxers down and step out of them. Your cock has been raging to get out of its confines since you saw me walk into the restaurant earlier. I shift on to all fours and lean forward, opening my mouth to receive you. You let out a small moan of pleasure as you revel […]

Are You A Good Girl?

“Are you a good girl?” His usual growl was a whisper, barely audible above her ragged breathing. His fingers were deep inside. Exploring. Pushing. Bringing her close to, but not beyond her tipping point.  “Are you a good girl?” His voice was louder this time, though still barely above a thick whisper. He pulled his fingers […]

My Nightmare Affects My kinky Life

We all have nightmares don’t we? Worries about those horrible things that might happen, that could happen, and even things that are near impossibilities. Dreams of falling off a cliff or drowning in the ocean, even though we live nowhere near either of these places. These nightmares may be based on a real life fear, or they may begin […]

G is for…

Goronio, or George if that’s easier “Hola señorita. May I help with your bags?” He stood in the doorway of the hotel, his untucked uniform shirt blowing in the breeze. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He was one of those men who I am sure came out of the womb and immediately began […]

Hotel Amenities

Some hotels can be very accommodating to your needs…   Click below to see who else is showing off their sinfulness this Sunday.