Through the years I have been given many labels. Some of which have been me, yet not me at the same time , some that have evolved over the years, and some that were way off base. The label you give me depends on the side of me you see, the context in which you […]

DD – Choose Joy

Dear Diary, Today is the first day of 2016. It is 6:33pm and I am still in my pyjamas. My hair is unwashed, pulled high in a ponytail. My legs require a shave, and other parts a wax. I’ve eaten waffles, a chicken sandwich, and a hand full of chocolates. There is a pot of […]

Just Smile

Sometimes a smile is all you need. When we are happy we can’t help but smile. Big grins ear to ear. Or maybe a coy smile, the kind we make when thinking about a loved one, the kind we make when we think nobody is watching. There is more to the smile than the the […]