Have you ever had an experience you were too naïve to understand or appreciate? So erotic, but you were too insecure to just let it be and embrace it? I relive the following experience in my head over and over again. It’s been 25 years, yet when I close my eyes I am transported back […]


It is amazing the power simple words have on us. Sometimes it is the manner in which they are said, but often it is simply our own perception. Take cunt for example. Many people hate this word. They think of it as a crass demeaning word. I have a girlfriend who I’ve only ever heard […]


soft sensual kisses linger on skin tingle down spine firm commanding hands fingers twist hair as palm meets ass brash dominant man dishes out pain provides pure pleasure guide me teach me use me feed my soul sweet aching need heightened senses awakened desire

Restraints For A Good Girl

This is what happened after Her Fetish. He was very proud of her. She had greeted him just as he had told her to, wearing one of his white dress shirts and nothing else. This one didn’t fit him now of course, but damn she looked mighty fine in it. She did a wonderful job […]

Christmas Wish List

Just a few things I would enjoy having this holiday season. One is Mister specific, but you are welcome to give the others… One: A cock to admire and enjoy. I love going down on a guy. I like to take my time and explore every inch, every point with my tongue, and lips, from balls […]