I was going to do an audio blog of one of my “first” pieces. Had it all planned out. Did a couple practice runs and everything. Problem is, I’ve a cold with massive coughing and sore throat. I may be able to pull Smelly Cat off but no way can I pull off sexy and […]

More About The First ~ JustSomeOldMan

More of the his story with Ann…  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was young, Ann was a woman, and as she had told me that first night, volunteered it in fact, she would do whatever I asked, anything at all. I gathered my courage to ask her to take me in her mouth, and again, a second time while […]

The First ~ JustSomeOldMan

More of my beautiful friend’s story. This was the first. Her name was Ann…   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most of what I describe happened because I started late. This is what I tell myself, this is what I think. Which is my polite way, although as you are seeing, not very direct, not very to the point at all […]

Starting out Casual

“I’m shaking, I’m laying awake thinking about her now I’m terrified” This morning I feel like a parent who has sent their child off to school for the first time. I am anxious and excited, a little scared even. I have my first piece of writing posted online. And leave it to me to not […]