What would you do?

What would you do if I walked up and kissed you? Would you kiss me back? Would you slip your tongue into my mouth, bite my lip, or would you push me away? What would you do if I reached out and touched you? What if I touched you intimately? Would you smile and let […]

The Faceless Man

I’ve had dreams of anonymous sex back to my junior high school days. Even then, before I’d ever had sex, there was something about an unknown suitor, a faceless man,¬†that intrigued and excited me. The memory of that very first dream still stays with me today. There were a few contributing factors regarding the details […]


She arrived at her doctor’s office just as the fire alarm started sounding. Just great. Another delay after her previous appointment had been postponed two weeks when her doctor had decided to take a last minute vacation. She was livid! At first she stood outside with the other people from the building then decided her […]

FFF – Wager Me This

Word Count = 275¬† Required Word = Wager Forbidden Words = Porn, Panties, Camera Bonus Words = Tell us where to the pictures end up a year later (+43 words) Extra Credit = Add a picture of your own. Join in the fun and write a piece of your own, or read all this week’s […]

Unspoken ~ Michael Malflic

Last week I asked for guest bloggers and my friend Mal asked if he could contribute. My answer, HELL YA! I am sure most of you know him but if you have been living under a rock and do not, I have all his links at the bottom of the page. Go ahead, check him […]