Nipples In Wax

For those of you who are new, I have a bit of a kink regarding my nipples and there are many a pic of them posted here on this blog. Pegs, bands, hot wax, alligator clips, bamboo sticks and the like… LOVE them all! My current fascination is with hot wax. There is something about […]

Pornography or Erotica? What does it matter?

There have been many blogs of late that have either shut down or moved to a new home. Much of the reason for this has to do with providers cracking down on what they consider to be pornographic content. I don’t know what other providers terms are, but WordPress terms of service states that you […]

Beauty of The Pussy ~ The Artist and Artist Wife

So, here we are, another wonderfully Wicked Wednesday to celebrate. This Wednesday I have the honour of sharing the artwork of a friend, The Artist. He was inspired, to some extent, by the Pussy Pride Project and the Great Wall of Vagina. I struggled with how to present these pieces to you, and in the […]