If you follow me on twitter you have undoubtedly seen the colour version of this picture before. You may even have seen it here on the blog. The original is warm toned and you can easily tell it is a summer picture, a late afternoon summer pic in fact. When I change it to black […]

A Bunch of Dicks

I received a lovely bunch of dicks from a friend recently and had some fun editing this picture of them. They are hand carved from different crystal stones. This lot includes two blue tiger eye, a regular tiger eye, carnelian, and Indian bloodstone. The edits really bring out the beauty of the dicks. Don’t you just love […]

Nipple Redux

The Sinful Sunday prompt this week is “Black and White.” I was going to take some new pictures but haven’t felt very creative as of late so thought I would bring back a picture that I’ve already posted previously. I first posted this picture back in October for Sinful Sunday Week 132 and was so very honored when Molly […]