Guns and Wolves

I so wanted to follow the “Promote” prompt this week but after completely revamping my Erotic Episodes project I lost everything. Not sure how it happened but so far I’ve not been able to get it back. When I log on I don’t even see the regular WP dashboard. I have nothing else to promote as I’ve […]

DD – Dreams & Guns

Dear Diary, I had several dreams last night. Good dreams and an odd dream. He was in one and I shared it with him earlier this afternoon. He had no response. When I asked him if it was a good dream or not he did come back and say it was a very good dream. […]

It Was Just A Dream

I have the most interesting dreams at times. I don’t always remember them, or if I do wake up and remember I often forget them by the end of the day. The ones I remember? They are the ones that evoke feelings, strong feelings. Over the years there have been many and they range from […]

You Tie?

I had a dream, a hot dream. I wasn’t sure about sharing it here at first because it felt so intimate and erotic in my dream that I didn’t think I would be able to aptly convey it in words. I finally decided that I wanted to remember it, to be able to go back […]

Do You Come Here Often?

“Bonsoir.” “Bonsoir.” “Tu viens ici souvent?” “Je suis désolé… I, uh… I don’t really speak much French I’m afraid. Parlez-vous anglais by chance?” “Oh, thank the lord! All I really know are a few pick up lines myself.” She could see the relief in his eyes as he took a swig of his beer. “I should […]