I do want to change you

I don’t want to change you, not really. I don’t want to change who you are, your beliefs, the things that make you you. It is who you are that makes me want to be with you. It’s your personality, your character, that I am drawn to. If I wanted to change that why bother being […]

You Rise

You rise In the darkness of the night The light Too far off to save me You move Closer to me Your hands All over me Your mouth Searching I wake But barely Still floating between sweet dream And reality I want You I need to feel you To taste you Just as you need […]

Self Given

My day started with several self given orgasms. It began with a delicious creamy one, ended with an exquisite squirty one, and contained many more equally enjoyable ones in between. All but one of the many were vaginal orgasms today. This isn’t rare, as I do orgasm from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it […]


“I have a desire for every inch of you. The smell of your breath on my needing lips, the taste of you under the covers, and your voice rummaging through every vein in my body.” ~ unknown          


I’ve felt your love through tender caresses and painful reminders I’ve felt your hands on my ass at my throat all over me I’ve knelt before you bowed down to you done everything you’ve asked and more I’ve whimpered, mewled pushed to my limits begging for a my orgasm I’ve cried and pleaded in whispers […]


It’s midnight here and I am sitting up, tired but unable to sleep. Laying down is not conducive to breathing at the moment, and breathing is quite important if I don’t want to die. Yeah, I don’t want to die. What I do want though is to play. Not fun little board games or cars […]

Unspoken ~ Michael Malflic

Last week I asked for guest bloggers and my friend Mal asked if he could contribute. My answer, HELL YA! I am sure most of you know him but if you have been living under a rock and do not, I have all his links at the bottom of the page. Go ahead, check him […]


Vanilla I’m not plain though you may think me so with a passion and our desire no need for all that kink a warm embrace a gentle kiss that’s all I need to keep me here Maybe one day he’ll get me there. Vanilla sweet and pure missionary is what I know things must stay always […]