Five Guys

A few weeks ago a friend and I, along with my son, enjoyed a day out being social. I’ve not been very social of late, though neither has she so it was good we could push each other a bit. We picked up the pottery we had painted the previous weekend and visited a friend’s jewelry store […]

Everyone Wins ~ Lord Raven

Anything can happen in the final quarter of The Game.  My very talented friend Lord Raven is to thank for bringing life to Victor on this side story from the Life With Victor (LWV) series. This piece is a tad longer than I would normally post but I couldn’t bear to break it up. Trust me, you’ll want to […]

Give or Take?

Have been thinking about this week’s prompt much of the day. Opinion. I can be quite opinionated on any matter of things, so I could tell you my opinion on something. I also like to hear other points of view, so I could ask for yours. I will do both. My topic involves the D/s […]