Trust Me

Trust. I’ve written about it before. I could write about it once a month and still have something new to say each month. At first glance it appears simple but if you stop and spend time considering the depth of it, the impact it has on every aspect of our lives, it can seem quite complicated. […]

DD – Last Night

Dear Diary, I’ve been playing out scenarios in my mind all week. Playing and replaying. Sometimes worst case, sometimes best. Me begging, him ignoring. Him showing up on my doorstep and telling me he loves me, how he can’t live without me. No matter how many times I do it, how many different ways it […]

D is for…

Distance Distance makes the heart grow fonder. That’s what they say. How do “they” know that? Does it not just make you forget instead? After all, there are other “they” who say out of sight means out of mind. If time is distance then yes, it can make you appear to forget. The reality though […]

Trust What You Want

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “trust.” I’ve talked about here a few times previously. Most notable are Trust and When You Can’t Trust Your Body. Take a read if you haven’t already. When we talk about trust we are most often referring to trust of another. What about trusting ourselves? What about trusting what we want? […]