Burning The Envelope

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday this week is Envelope. I considered submitting a piece I was already working on, or writing another piece, but something else was calling me. An envelope tucked away in a drawer. What does this envelope contain? Pictures of course. Polaroid pictures. (Come on everyone.. you got to shake it, shake […]

Brain vs Heart

What rules you, your brain or your heart? This may not be as easy to answer as you may think. Do you spend hours analyzing a situation, going over and over the rational possibilities and options in your head to then just turn around and ignore it all when your heart decides on something different? […]

For The Taking ~ A

Something a little different for this week’s Wicked Wednesday post. A friend wrote this recently and has been too anxious about it to post himself. It is such a beautiful peice I wanted to share it here. I agreed to post anonymously for him. Please give your honest feedback on this young man’s writing. I […]

Nine Eleven

It’s been eleven years since those planes crashed into the towers and changed our world. More than the landscape changed that day. We as a people changed as well. I remember seeing the images of the planes hitting the towers. I didn’t see them in the morning like most everyone else though, as I was […]

Inside of Me

when you turn around to see my face and you suddenly notice a change the past you may begin to trace but please remember I am still the same if you turn around to see I am not there please know I am never far away in you I will always care and with you […]