DD – I did it!

Dear Diary, I got the job!! Things have moved so fast with this. Just a week ago I got a cold call from a recruiter and today I landed the job. Apparently I am pleasant and personable and appear to know my stuff. I’m glad that came across because I kind of felt like I […]

DD – Work and Play

Dear Diary, Back to work today. Ugh! Not that I was very enterprising while on holidays, but back to “real life” really kinda sucked. I do believe my days at this company are numbered. To that end, I met with a recruiter today and landed an interview tomorrow. I’ve been doing research on the company this evening […]

DD – New Hair

Dear Diary, I don’t know. I may regret this later and have to find some poor hairdresser to fix it, but I needed a change and my regular hairdresser is on sabbatical. It was either cut it or dye it, and I only have blue hair dye on hand. Maybe I’ll give that a try another day.

Just Smile

Sometimes a smile is all you need. When we are happy we can’t help but smile. Big grins ear to ear. Or maybe a coy smile, the kind we make when thinking about a loved one, the kind we make when we think nobody is watching. There is more to the smile than the the […]

Yearning and Word Porn

I yearn. I don’t just long for or want or desire, I yearn. A friend of mine is a Jehovah’s Witness and she was telling me recently how they came out with a new bible in modern day language. I doubt there will be LOLing in it, or twerking for that matter, but it is […]

Trained Myself Well

This week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is training. It was meant to relate to sex but there is more I’d like to say on the topic. There are many kinds of training we go through during our lives, right from the day we are born. Our parents train us to eat and sleep at certain […]


need / nēd verb verb: need; 3rd person present: needs; past tense: needed; past participle: needed; gerund or present participle: needing; modal verb: need 1. require (something) because it is essential or very important. “I need help now” not want to be subjected to something. “I don’t need your sarcasm” 2. expressing necessity or obligation. […]

After The Storm

This is a continuation of the Life With Victor (LWV) series. You can catch up here if you have not been following along. ———————————————————————— I love you baby. Everything is going to be ok. I am here, I have you, I won’t ever let you go. It’s ok baby. Let it out, let it go. […]