B is for…

Bruises Bruises are terrible things. They hurt. They change colours from blue to purple to a yucky yellowish green. They suck. Or do they? The answer is a bit confounded. Yes, bruises can be painful nasty buggers. But no, they aren’t always terrible things. They can be very, very wonderful things. Every time I move, […]

A is for…

Anticipation There were many ways I could have gone with this first post for the A to Z Challenge. My first thought was anal, though I decided it was much too obvious a choice for me. Similarly, ass and areola also were no goes. You’ve all seen a fair amount of both my ass and my areolae. […]

A to Z Challenge 2015

Ok, so I may have lost my mind here, but I’ve decided to take part in the A to Z Challenge next month. 26 posts in 30 days, 30 posts if I do my Sinful Sunday posts separately since Sunday’s are break days from the challenge. A far cry from what I’ve been posting as of late. I need […]

V is for Voyeurism ~ Stranded

It’s taken a year but I finally have a guest post from Stranded! The first, but hopefully not the last. I asked for his thoughts on voyeurism… Dateline 1979, August…well, August-ish…Calgary, Alberta, Canada The sun was going down relatively early, which puts the time in late August…Calgary may have more sunny days than any other […]

C is for CLAMPS

I received quite a few questions about the clamps I wore on a recent post so I thought I would elaborate a bit with a little photo essay… This is an assortment of clamps that I have. Mainly various nipple clamps, but the pegs are useful for other things as well. You can clamp your […]

P is for PAIN

There were some discussions this weekend about limits and “normal” thinking, “normal” reactions. Some of it was with regards to what we write about, how dark or demented we can go with our imagination and our words. The other part of it was about real life experiences and how or when we push our limits. […]