I Can Give You Flowers

Check out this post if you would like to have a little background context to this one. He was quiet the next two days before trying to initiate another conversation. I didn’t respond. The third day he apologized again. I have not responded. That didn’t stop him from sending me a message on FetLife to tell […]

Broken Silence

The silence was broken only by the ticking of the clock that mocked her. It mocked her for thinking this time would be different, for accepting his word at face value knowing full well he had never kept a word ever made. It mocked her for believing him and giving him another chance to do […]

Children of the Street

crying children alone in the world abandoned unwanted in need of love affection a safe and stable home enduring starving days restless nights roaming the streets in search of food shelter quickly learning how to survive how to protect themselves they are lost souls often forgotten all alone fending for themselves in a harsh world […]

Big Brown Eyes

she stared at me with big brown eyes a solemn face so stern and wise she was but a child, only four or five but she never smiled, didn’t seem to be alive she was poor but proud and didn’t have a dad never had the chance the other kids had her clothes were dirty, […]