I was approached by JustSomeOldMan (JSOM) about posting some of his writing, a memoir of sorts, a while back. As I told him, I am always up for letting other voices shine when I can. It especially helps when I truly enjoy reading what has been written. There is something about the way he writes, like he is having a conversation with you, passing on his wisdom and knowledge, sharing his mistakes so that you might learn something from them. Maybe it’s the sense you get that he’s reliving his youth in his words, but self aware in a way he could never have been back then.

Have you seen The Notebook? James Garner’s character reads to his wife, telling the story of how they met, their love story. He reads it to her so that she may have a moment of clarity and remember him, if even just for that moment, in her state of advanced Alzheimer’s. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, but my JSOM’s writing reminds me of it. I hear James Garner’s voice in my head when I read his emails and stories. I told him this the other day. I also said he’d probably tell me he sounds more like Bobcat Goldthwait or Gilbert Gottfried or something. His response? “I don’t know those names.” I just laughed.

He intrigues me in a way I don’t quite understand. I am intrigued by his story, by the girl who he loved but let go because he was “disabled”, the woman who taught him to be selfish, the one who taught him not to be, the way he talks about being so naïve when it came to women and relationships but who is so very smart when it comes to other scientific things.

His first piece, The beginning, made me think on a personal level. It made me think about myself, my life, my family and friends, and how we look at ourselves. We are all disabled in this way he describes at times. Some get over it, over themselves, but others continue to be this way all of their lives. I am working on not being this way. I am also intrigued by this man who is about the same age as my father and these things that took place around the year I was born. Would my father have similar stories to tell? Would my mother? Would yours?

1. October 15/13 ~ The Beginning

2. December 7/13 ~ The First

3. December 13/13 ~ More About The First

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  1. Just Some Old Man

    I have decided to do more writing. Actually I already have (dare I use this word in this context, an Anthology,) of stories from my life when I was in my early 20’s.

    Give me a couple of weeks but I will do some editing and pasting and send our editor some materials.

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