I took out my laptop today. It was the first time it’s seen action in more than three months and it was as dusty as I am. I cleared away the dust and the cobwebs from the computer, turned it on, and it is working fine. Hoping that I can...

Take from me, my lace

Lovers forever Face to face My city or mountains Stay with me stay I need you to love me I need you today Give to me your leather Take from me My lace ~ Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks          

I want to see them

Thinking about breasts, yours in particular I want to suck them, have my cock between them Slap them, wrap rope around them Put you in your knees and stroke my cock in front of you until I cum on them I want to see them     I let him see them,...

I Didn’t Ask

I did something this morning without asking. I should have asked, but I didn’t. It felt good, oh so good, until it didn’t. It does not feel good when I don’t follow the rules. Now corrective action has to be taken. Amongst other things, I must touch myself at least once each...


I couldn’t decide… Bright star… Or dark star. I was going to call the post “Star Wars” but then realized what weekend it was and thought better of it.