New York Nite

It’s a while since I’ve had the pleasure of an overnight guest. I miss the masculine things next to my girly products. And now I think I’ll have to write about that New York Nite. Happy 300th Sinful Sunday Molly. I look forward to the next 300, and more.


I couldn’t decide on the edit so I included both.  Click the link below to see what other sinful things people have been up to this Sunday.


I’ve posted several pictures taken by the light of my bedside lamp. In the Darkness and I Want to See Them  come to mind. The lamp is a Himalayan salt lamp and it casts a really lovely glow. You can catch a little glimpse of it in the first...

Morning Shower

Come, he had said. Come before you remove the kegel balls. Come, and tell me. Yes Sir. I will come in the shower this morning. Stepping into the shower was a warm welcome after being greeted by the cold November morning. Not initially though, as it first ran cold and shocked awake...

Guns and Wolves

I so wanted to follow the “Promote” prompt this week but after completely revamping my Erotic Episodes project I lost everything. Not sure how it happened but so far I’ve not been able to get it back. When I log on I don’t even see the regular WP dashboard. I have...


I took out my laptop today. It was the first time it’s seen action in more than three months and it was as dusty as I am. I cleared away the dust and the cobwebs from the computer, turned it on, and it is working fine. Hoping that I can...

Take from me, my lace

Lovers forever Face to face My city or mountains Stay with me stay I need you to love me I need you today Give to me your leather Take from me My lace ~ Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks