This is a love story, but more than that. It is the story of a couples journey into BDSM and a D/s relationship. It is the telling of how they become the people they were always meant to be. We will learn more about them as they learn more about themselves.

caught-in-memories-bloddroppe.jpgShe is a georgeous brunette with a heart of gold who has opened it up to too many who hurt her. She has finally found someone she trusts implicitly, her husband, who would do anything for her. He has always been a man in control, an alpha male. He will help her overcome her fears and lead her on this journey they will take together.

As a side note, I am not writing their story in order. I know, not the way a series usually goes, but indulge me, it’s just the way my brain is processing this particular story. Regardless the order in which they are written, I will endeavour to list them here in chronological order.

1. August 13/13 Her Moans Betray Her
2. January 29/13 Beware Strangers And Gags
3. January 4/13 Her Fetish
4. January 16/13 Restraints For A Good Girl


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