Showing the Scars

I show my boobs a lot on this blog, and outside of this blog actually. I think they’re pretty fantastic. What I don’t think is fantastic is the big scar that runs between them. Sure it’s a scar that saved my life, one I’ve had for more than 40 years, but I still often feel self conscious about it. I know I shouldn’t, and unless I mention it most people don’t even notice it, but we are not always rational about such things are we? When someone is seeing it in person it’s usually because we are being intimate and having sex. I am pretty confident in that area and what my body looks like matters far less than how it works (which granted, isn’t all that great these days). Showing it online though, for anyone to see and criticize? That still often causes me to pause. I’ve done it. I’ve shared my fresh lumpectomy scars and being hooked upy to a heart monitor, and once upon a time I shared a pic of the scar front and center in full view. Even so, I still can’t be as blasé about it as I’d like. I am trying though. As I said a few weeks ago, I am learning to love my body as it is rather than how it used to be or how I wish it would look. Each day, each little step, helps.

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4 thoughts on “Showing the Scars

  1. I know exactly how you feel about your scar, and not wanting to show it online. It took me years before I finally more or less showed the scar on my tummy, and I still make sure it’s not in view too much…
    Love your image! Your boobs really are gorgeous 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I do love the images of your boobs, the delicious nipples begging to be teased. I do understand your issue with that scar but know it is a part of you, of your history, of your life. It is your body.
    Like that little cut on your knee when you fell with your bicycle aged four, or that scar on your left elbow, remember, climbing that tree in the backyard after a brawl with your mother over something you have long forgotten, yet that scar is still there.
    I understand how you in some way resent it but I think you don’t have to. Those who really love you take you the way you are. We all have lived. We all have stories and some of us have scars to tell parts of our life.
    Take care…
    Once Franco Bolli but now nothing but myself.

    • Oh Stephan, I miss reading your words and seeing you around these parts. I hope things are well with you.


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