A Quick April Update

After a great start to the year, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. I have been writing a bit, working on some projects, and being creative in other ways. Am feeling a little lost when it comes to this blog though. I had full intentions of participating in April’s A to Z Challenge, but unless something pans out in the next day or so that’s isn’t likely to happen. Everything is planned out, words written, posts drafted, but the photography part of it isn’t working out the way I had planned. Being both photographer and subject in this instance is not as easy as I expected it to be. I need a photographer. And more sex. Possibly being the same person.

Covid is still causing issues with my health nearly four months in. There were some good days along the way, but now my breathing is troublesome again and everything smells like burning food. Luckily it doesn’t all taste like it smells. My doctor hasn’t me on some new meds that’s will hopefully bring the inflammation in my body down and resolve these issues. No matter what I try there’s seems to be no quick fix for this hair loss though. I just have to live with it until my body decides it’s shedded enough and starts regrowing.

Our city just went back into lockdown again. Schools are closed for at least the next two weeks, which means I am back to working from home and trying to teach/entertain my son at the same time. Fuck me! I’d probably start drinking but Covid’s ensured that won’t happen any time soon. The tiniest bit of alcohol or sugar leaves me with a hangover for days. Trust me, binging on chocolate Easter eggs on Friday knocked me out all weekend. Maybe that’s why I was incapable of taking any decent pictures…

I am doing a 365 project to document my year leading up to turning 50. You may know know this but I had my 49th birthday a couple weeks ago. Don’t worry, seems everyone missed it this year. I may share some of that project here throughout the year but not all of it.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for sticking with me through all the nonsense and quiet times. I appreciate it. There will be some new posts up soon.

Stella Xxx

One thought on “A Quick April Update

  1. Always sticking with you. Stella. I am so sorry to hear you are still battling with the after-effects of Covid, so long after you’ve had it. Tomorrow it will be a week ago since I got sick, and where it seems the worst is behind me (Easter weekend was spent with fever and pain on my chest), I am still not fully recovered. I felt better yesterday than I did today, and the one thing that really bugs me is how tired I am. But, I will get through this. I hope the new meds will help you to feel better, and to get more energy, and also that the hair loss will stop. You will win this!
    ~ Marie xox

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