If you follow me on twitter you have undoubtedly seen the colour version of this picture before. You may even have seen it here on the blog. The original is warm toned and you can easily tell it is a summer picture, a late afternoon summer pic in fact. When I change it to black and white however, this is more difficult to discern. It now has a stark coolness about it that suggests I am being greeted by the sun on a cold winter morning. The beauty of sunlight pouring in through the blinds remains but my skin no longer feels warmed by the itโ€™s rays. It is amazing the effect colour and tone can have on an image.


4 thoughts on “Blinds

  1. I agree, indeed it’s amazing how the tone of an image can change the feel. It remains a lovely image ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Marie

  2. Sexy play of light.

  3. Lovely shadowing on beautiful legs.

  4. I really like the shadowing of light that comes from blinds, works beautifully here

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